Maker Guide

Working Areas

If the question is where do we produce for,  here is the answer below:

Maker creates projects for the places that were already touched by the elements of built environment. Its priority is on groundless places which are multiplexed according  to mould codes.

If the question is what kind of places are being used during the project, then the answer would be: Common working areas, ateliers and the street itself.

Digital and Manuel Channels & Tools that are Used

For Product Design; 3D / 2D modelling and visualisation programs, analogue drawing tools, technological and/or re-usable inert materials, various atelier hand tools and counters are being used.

As for the projects’ execution; Online common project tracking softwares, common working areas are being used.

When it comes to creation of a prototype, various atelier hand tools and counters, technological and/or re-usable inert materials, organic materials, labs for the analysis of the materials, common working areas, public places are being used.

Description Text

–    trak is an initiative, a collective, a firm which is created in terms of the needs of a formal world.

–   Speaking of -trak and all its built practices, we don’t see the necessity to entitle ourselves as an “architect”  (although most of our contributors’ professional formation is) or a “maker” (as rest of the new world would name).    

However, we know that we are fed by both those cultures/practices to create and design interactional open places/ units/ objects.

When we look at the fully lived past 7 years since 2011, – by the help of our choice on small scaled projects-  we see more than 100 completed projects. We can say that we have collected such amazing work that we can still talk about each of them with the same excitement as in the first day we received them.

In some of those projects, we found ourselves interrogating the materials being used while in some of the others interrogating users’ sense of ownership scenarios.   

In the multiplicity of the variable coefficients, dissimilarity of the outcomes was a natural result. When we go back to analyze our projects’ characters, we see that they all have the same methodology, – always have acted  by being devoted to our principals, created a series of production principles in regards of our manifesto.

When we look into the common characteristics  of –trak;

* Creating systems beyond a physical  production. With its stories and circular scenarios… The origins of its material, the time spent on its production, its return on storability, its re-usability scenarios supported by a user manual, instead of being dictated to the user its biodegradable coefficiency after the completion of all usages… This character distinguishes especially in our projects such as Babylon Soundgarden stages; in Urban Matter Hub in Citylink Festival, Buğday Associations’ ateliers for Supporting Ecological Living

**It inclines to the designs that use mobile, modular and temporary elements and that make monotonous scenarios question the existing.

We can see this character in the mobile shelves of That Magazine, frameworks of RedBull, Bomontiada making space temporary stage etc.

***Its objective is to slow down the rapidly changing culture in a harmony with the user’s routine bewaring of causing sudden momentums that could cause drawback moves. As we see in the projects such as Gastronomika drying carpetbags; home gardening projects; mutual life kits; ergonomi “hacks” city furnitures or Boğada project which aims to create ownage to the users.

The new world can name us whatever . Whatever our name is, we think that we were born to balance the extremism in the atmosphere. We are interrogators and healers who try to understand what needs to be repaired and how.

Although we know that our production technics can’t reach the neoliberal production outcomes’ values in terms of costing, we still don’t think that we can’t be seen as a main method according to the production conjunctures.

And as an addition, we would like to underline the fact that we are so positive by knowing our muscles are so strong that even if one day we reach dystopia where all the system will go down, we will survive. 

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