Istanbul Youth Festival (IGF)

IGF, or Istanbul Genclik Festivali (Istanbul Youth Festival), is an annual festival focusing on young people. Festival was at Yenikapi sea coast, which covers approximately 50,000 square meters of outdoor and 9,000…

Unilever ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ Installations

Unilever Istanbul Head Office terminating usage of paper cups, plastic bottles and disposable service tools like straws, plastic cutlery starting in June 5th, 2018 with ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ project. Office encourages…

Hacking Modern Kitchen, Gastronomika

The project called ‘Hacking the Modern Kitchen’ aimed to let the users who are stuck in the limited kitchen areas, out of the kitchen for the pre-production process. This project took place in the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial whose theme is ‘The Future is Not What it Used to Be.’

Urban Matters Hub

UMH is an inflatable strusture that locates itself on the street and changes according to the users’ need. The structure helps its users by the user guide in order to make them build new systems. It dissappears without a trace when its service is done.

Bomontiada: Making Place Project

Under the execution of SanalArc, we produced Bomontiada Making Place as a project aiming to open up the venue of the historical Bomonti Brewing Factory in a gradual way.


After the open call in September; -trak, Herkes İçin Mimarlık (Architecture for All), Repairs Club and Todo Por La Praxis’s leading and lovely volunteers’ participation, one week workshop is done right next to Kadıköy Boğa Square. After the landscape designing of the site, the public furnitures which have been designed and produced in Kadıköy Municipality’s ateliers, are erected and the site is opened to the public.

Urban Gardening with Buğday Association

The landscape design was made by attaching cases with 60 cm soil in them to the second and third phases of the supporting walls designed for Bomontiada project. For the project whose…