Bomontiada: Making Place Project

Under the execution of SanalArc, we produced Bomontiada Making Place as a project aiming to open up the venue of the historical Bomonti Brewing Factory in a gradual way.

Year: 2016-..
Status: Completed
Client: Bomontiada
Services: Partition Wall, Public Furniture, Stage Design, Garden Furniture
Collaborators: FAI, Future Anecdotes, SanalArc, studio per se
Links: ŞANALarc, XXI
Contributors: Bihter Çelik, Kıvanç Başak, Mutlu Güngör, Deniz Engin, Elif Tan, Ağacan Bahadır, Tümer Keser, Doğan Mücaviroğlu

This is a partition wall project rendering the space functional for venues, gardens and sitting areas with the help of pallets and scaffolding stands. The project, which has started in 2015, consists of three phases.

Phase one is completed at the first week of September 2015 (Bomontiada Event& Experience Wall). This phase’s concept designed by Bomontiada and its tenant’s design teams (i.e. SANALarc, Anakara, FAI, Muhabbet, ANPT, ZKLD, studio per se) and produced by -trak.

Phase two is completed at the first week of October 2015 (Outdoor Performance and Greenlab). This phase is designed and produced by -trak (with approval from Bomontiada’s creative board). All of the products and structures are upcycled from phase one. The stage was designed to last 6-12 months while the Green Lab planned to stay until the fall program’s outdoor event  called ‘cultivate’.

The scope and the area of each phase keep growing. In the third phase, the area of the whole project was expanded with the use of the suitable pallets that had already been used in the second phase. The purpose is to create two different areas for the users where the project takes place. The first area, which is the social space, contains the venue for performances, concerts and movie nights while the second area is the silent space for resting and sitting alongside with cultivation. Compared with the first and second one, the third phase offers an area for larger events and experiences thanks to the totems designed out of construction scaffolding systems. In the backside of the designed area, service road is linked to the storage area and the resting area for staff is connected to the waste storage while all these areas are separated from the common space. Additionally, with the use of two layers of pallets at the main stage, the impact of the wind is minimized.

The wall structure of the third phase is still in use in Bomontiada as a part of the Bomontiada: Making Place project, which is mobile, modular and making stereotypical scenarios question what is present.


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