Tyvek Terra Po(s)t

‘Send your message to your loved ones with a gift’ is the slogan of Terra-Po(s)t, which is an envelope design that contains soil and seed and turns into a pot when it is opened.

Year: 2016-..
Location: İstanbul
Status: Completed
Client: Lab-trak
Services: System Design, Product Design/Production

Terra-Po(s)t is a Lab-trak project developed by –trak, which aims to increase seed swap following the legislation that rules against the selling of local seeds.

The project intended to develop a product, which can be used to send the local seeds by mail throughout the country. In this respect, gift envelopes in which seeds can be planted have been made suitable for swaps.

To underline the importance of home gardening and to provide edible and bee-friendly plants for homes, vegetable seeds were selected specifically for this project. Terra-Po(s)ts were designed to facilitate growing these aromatic plants (e.g. mint, basil, parsley) indoor.

Following the circular design rules and zero-waste principle, the envelopes were designed without using any extra packing material and they transform into pots after opening.

Terra-Po(s)ts are sent out with user guides outlining three steps:

  1. Write down your note on Terra-Po(s)t and mail it.
  2. The recipient will read your note and be surprised.
  3. When Terra-Po(s)t is turned inside out and opened, it transforms into a pot, Terra-Pot!

Add some water to the pressed turf and then plant the seeds, which came out of the envelope. In couple of days, the seed you selected for your loved one will sprout. Seed package and user guide were specifically designed to prevent seeds falling out of the envelope when it is opened. Under the user guide, it is written that the product is handmade and designed by –trak.

Lab-trak keeps working with the aim of underlining the importance of seeds, seed swaps and hopes to enhance home gardening, and the Terra Po(s)t family keeps growing!

1. Add 400 ml of water to the pressed peat.

1.1.The volume of the peat quadruples.

2. Sow the seeds at 1-2 cm depth.

2.1. Seeds will sprout within the prestated time on the label.
2.2. Keep peat moist.
2.3. Place the pot in the sunshine.

3. It is washable, foldable, storable easily, untearable.

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